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Apr 23 2016, 08:09 AM
Ok, so the game's a but much for me to do on my own, don't know where Drew is atm, so i've decided to open applications for a temporary admin. The job will last until either I see fit, Drew returns or the successful applicant is offered a full on admin role. The applications will close on Sunday at 12pm EST. Please PM me, on forum, your answers to the following questions.

1) What experience if any have you got with admin work on any polsim?

2) How will you help the team enhance the game?

3) Describe your availability to help the team, and rate yourself on a scale of 1 (never) to 10 (frequent) on your ability to be active.

4) What ideas have you got that you want to bring to the team, either to streamline or enhance gameplay, and how would you implement it?

Thank you!
Apr 21 2016, 11:08 AM

J=Joan D=Drew C= Cameron A=All

Sign ups - A
Admin Office - A
Bloomberg Room - A
NBC - A : Note with news stories and situations please post in the news article thread to keep all admins in the loop.
Press Office - C
Public Activities - C
Twitter - J - J,C
New York Political Times - J,D
Meetings Room: D,C
Town Halls: J
All of New York City Hall - D, C
Mayoral forum - D, J
Comptroller: J
Public Advocate: C
Republicans - D,C
Democrats - J
RP room (x2) - J,C
Mayoral Election - A
City Council Election - A
Apr 21 2016, 10:36 AM
The words of James Hickman

"To begin let me begin by thanking the New York times for the offer to write about a subject very close to my heart, and the heart of many New Yorkers, Education. For years we have seen the grades drop, the number of graduates from both highschool and college drop, and the number of people attending college drop. This is a trend which we can't allow to continue something that we at the DNC and the people of New York City know all to well. And most importantly we here at the DNC have done things to fix it instead of Republicans who have sat around on their hands and not done a thing on this issue.

What we at the DNC have done is first, passed resolution 1106, which will encourage schools to strive to be all they can be, not only that but guarantees them money, as even the poorest of schools has at least 1 straight A student. Also under this resolution schools will no longer be judged solely on state testing, but on their student's grades as a whole. Second, both Mr.Renzi and Mr.Hickman have come out stating they will fully support increasing education spending after Bloomberg slashed it to bits.

And finally we are creating legislation to provide even more aid to the poorer school districts so they can afford the best teachers, ciriculum, and education aides (computers, newer projectors, etc.) so that our childrens schools advance with the times. And what is the Republican party doing? Not a thing, aside from slashing education funding, and giving teachers and schools less to money to work with, resulting in the same problems we are currently having.

And so to conclude friends, I want to reemphasis the only way we can improve our schools, is by electing George Renzi as Mayor and James Hickman as Comptroller, because if we elect Republicans Roger Sullivan and David Bauman they would continue the failing trend we are currently seeing to the point of no return."

EDIT: Done by Alan Wickerman
Apr 19 2016, 01:37 PM
I'll be doing a mega catchup tonight, so post anything to be done here (literally everything)
Apr 18 2016, 10:56 AM
Post below if it's been a few days and we've missed/not responded to something. We'll delete the post when it's done
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