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Apr 24 2016, 08:45 AM
NYCHA Funding Essential
Guest Article by Public Advocate Robert Blutarsky

NYCHA Funding has been facing a 200 million dollar shortfall for the last couple years for each year. The lack of funding and cuts in funding have gone directly to areas people need the most like renovations, maintenance and other areas that have a direct baring on the people of New York.

Democrats have offered legislation to stop the bleeding with an injection of cash of 800 million dollars which will make up for the budget shortfall and for the cuts in NYCHA funding from the previous year.

Republicans are looking at the pricetag with shock however but there is no reason to fear as we wrote in a section to charge a tax of 0.03% on all trades which will effect the New York Stock Brokers but the tax on Individual traders will be negligible and not effect them at all.

This is why I believe this is a good piece of legislation as banks and stock brokers who helped pay a role in our recession will now be forced to play a role in the recovery of our Public Housing. So once again there is no reason to fear the amount being put into NYCHA as it won't be coming out of taxes on people it is a tax on companies and corporations who make billions of dollars and can afford this tax.
Apr 19 2016, 05:41 PM

State of the Economy
Article from Roger B Sullivan

First of all I want to thank The New York Times for asking me to write this article, it’s always a pleasure to collaborate with our press, a sector that must be recognized for their hard work.

If I’m elected, I will work to create a city that will serve as a model to the other cities of our country, together we will create a competitive economy and a strong social system for our citizens.

Now more than ever we need someone who understands how our economy works, my experience in the private sector for more than 15 years shows that I have this skill, I began like the majority of hard working american,being an entrepeneur and I finished my period in business with a big company, this is what I want to do in New York, start with an economical situation that is close to recession and grow up until the creation of a strong and thriving New York.

We should stimulate pur economy, I propose tax cuts to accomplish this objective, with less taxes our middle class people will buy more products and in front this high demand, businesses will have to offer more and will hire new factors to create their products, this situation means economical growth, less unemployment and more welfare for our people.

I will create a social budget that will have the main objective to reduce our poverty and big gaps between the rich and the poor. I will invest more in education to guarantee the equality of opportunities between all the New Yorkers. I will be the man that will give the necessary tools to fund a better healthcare System that will cover the majority of healthcare needs of our people.

I ask my fellow New Yorkers to take a moment in their lifes to think about their future and choose the correct option, together we can make this city the best one in the United States and in the world, I hope that the common project of New Yorkers that I have the honor to represent, will win this elections and take back our future.
Thank you so much.

Roger B. Sullivan
Apr 17 2016, 08:52 PM
QUOTE (The History Boss)

Res .No. 1109

Proposed by James Hickman
Co-Sponsor: Robert Blutarsky

A state law allowing LGBTQ members into city and state positions

Section 1. LGBTQ members shall receive no discrimination while working in city or state offices.

Section 2. LGBTQ members shall be able to receive the same pay as there co-workers.

Section 3. LGBTQ members will be able to show their feelings and not be discrimanted.

Section 4. This State law will take effect immediately after being approved by the state.
Apr 17 2016, 11:27 AM
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Apr 17 2016, 11:27 AM
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